ports/71111: [PATCH] games/wesnoth: update to 0.8.3

Ulrich Spoerlein q at uni.de
Sun Aug 29 21:47:35 UTC 2004

On Sun, 29.08.2004 at 16:01:59 -0400, mezz7 at cox.net wrote:
> I will have to agree with pav here about looks very ugly. I don't
> approve this patch, but I shall take some good parts from this patch
> after ports tree freeze in my new patch. Sorry, it will not make it
> before ports tree freeze. However, the reason I don't approve this
> patch is remove pkg-plist, force gcc 3.3 and etc.

USE_GCC is only needed for -STABLE because it doesn't compile with gcc
2.95 and I am unable to fix this C++ crap...

It probably looks ugly, because it creates the PLIST, installs all files
and then adds all the directories to the PLIST. Half of it could be
avoided, if a plain 'make install' wouldn't overflow the argument list.

Anyway, I talked to the wesnoth people and they'll probably fix this by
using some secret incantation of find(1) to install these files (wargus'
Makefiles are a mess...)

I'd rather go for an automated pkg-plist creation, because there will
always be new scenarios and campaigns added to wesnoth, which will add
considerably churn to the CVS. The pkg-plist is 1849 lines right now....

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