questions about creating new ports

Mark Linimon linimon at
Tue Nov 11 20:03:33 UTC 2003

OK, I have some new ports that I'm looking at and I don't think
the answers are in the handbook, or if they are, I'm not totally
sure they are up to date with current practice.

1. portlint seems to take exception to dash embedded in portnames.
  Is this just an attempt to get people not to encode too much version
  information into portnames, or is this (currently common) practice
  now deprecated in favor of underbar?

2. I find that several databases I've tried installing on this machine
  have created directories such as /usr/local/<databasename>.  Is
  this practice now deprecated as well, in favor of splitting the files
  into bin/, etc/, ...; or is there an exception for certain ports?

3. For ports named similarly in two categories, for which the ports
  are completely unrelated, does the portname of one of them
  need to be changed to prefix_portname?  e.g. foo/bar and baz/bar,
  where the portnames are just coincidental, does a new port baz/bar
  need to be baz_bar?  If so, only in the portname, or also in the
  ports directory hierarchy?



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