ports/54067: fixing mod_auth_mysql_another

Martin Blapp mb at imp.ch
Thu Aug 21 13:49:11 UTC 2003


> Well, it's about 7 weeks now, and there seems still nothing fixed in
> there... usually i don't mind and use something else, but there are
> only two ports available for mysql authorization, where this one is
> b0rked and the other one doesn't support mysql-4 ...
> So, would you mind doing like you said and fix it?
> I can't imagine that i'm the only one relying on this module...
> If you don't have the time to fix but seem to be unable to say so,
> it would be nice if someone else could do his job... I don't have
> any clue of C, otherwise i would have patched it myself... but it
> doesn't look like more than an #IFDEF(mysql-4) and a modified
> make_scrambled_password() function.

Yeah it seems that we have to implement the old make_scrambled_password()
password again. I'll look at this this weekend.


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