ports/51429: [PATCH] scrollkeeper will not build if /usr/local/share is symlinked

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at FreeBSD.org
Tue Apr 29 00:50:27 UTC 2003

The following reply was made to PR ports/51429; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Joe Marcus Clarke <marcus at FreeBSD.org>
To: FUJISHIMA Satsuki <sf at FreeBSD.org>
Cc: "Martyn J.Pearce" <fluffy at sixears.com>,
	FreeBSD-gnats-submit at FreeBSD.org
Subject: Re: ports/51429: [PATCH] scrollkeeper will not build
	if	/usr/local/share is symlinked
Date: 28 Apr 2003 20:47:56 -0400

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 On Mon, 2003-04-28 at 20:44, FUJISHIMA Satsuki wrote:
 > Is there a problem if these find commands traverse ${PREFIX}/share/
 > rather than ${PREFIX}/ ? docbookx.dtd, iso*amsb.ent and chunk.xsl are
 > installed under share/ in FreeBSD world.
 > Imagine if you have /usr/local/etc/cvsup/prefixes/ made by
 > net/cvsup-mirror port. There are symlinks to /home/ncvs under
 > prefixes/. Because of that, pkg-install of scrollkeeper needlessly
 > traverses /home/ncvs tree entirely three times. Imagine if you have
 > some other *BSD and XF* CVS tree. :-)
 Good call.  I'll fix that.
 > And, I think some of ${PREFIX}'s in pkg-install which refer to the
 > files installed by other ports should be ${LOCALBASE}, but this is a
 > separate issue.
 If you look at what ${PREFIX} actually is in the script, you'll see it's
 really ${LOCALBASE}.  It uses libxml2 as a basis for where to look.
 Joe Marcus Clarke
 FreeBSD GNOME Team	::	marcus at FreeBSD.org
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