How make the route-to working ?

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On 15.02.2010 11:56, Albert Shih wrote:
>  Le 13/02/2010 à 09:11:24+0100, geoffroy desvernay a écrit
>> Albert Shih a écrit :
>>> OK now it's working. But I have some big trouble about the bandwith. 
>>> Now when I try to do something like a scp, or ftp or wget from inside a
>>> jail to outside, everything work fine. The traffic go to right interface,
>>> the answer too. 
>>> But when I try to do some network connection (ssh, scp etc..) from outside
>>> to a jail the bandwith is catastrophic (~40kB/s on 1Gbit/s). 
>>> And for you ? 
>> Using this kind of setup since at least two years for ~500 real users
>> without complains... (three different 'ssh jails' on the same machine
>> with many vlans and three "default" gateways)
> OK I find the problem. It's come from TSO.
> If I disable TSO by sysctl everything become «normal» and works fine. 
> Thanks again for your help.
You're welcome...

Just to be sure to get it: you do use an 'fxp' ethernet card and
7.2-RELEASE or not ?

(In other words, is it the fxp bug described here ?)

On the server I use, I've
server# sysctl -a|grep tso
net.inet.tcp.tso: 1

… without any (known) problem, on a:
FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE #3: Thu Sep 24 21:32:33 CEST 2009

with two bge(4) interfaces...

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