pf: nat works, ip blocking and logging do not

Morgan Wesström freebsd-pf at
Sat Feb 13 20:56:58 UTC 2010

> nat works great.
> Unfortunately, I can still go to or with no
> blocking and no logging on /var/log/pflog.
> When I tcpdump listen to pflog0 there are no entries when I go to those ips.
> What am I doing wrong here that is preventing logging and blocking from
> working?
> [gouda:root]/root# tcpdump -vvveni pflog0
> tcpdump: WARNING: pflog0: no IPv4 address assigned
> tcpdump: listening on pflog0, link-type PFLOG (OpenBSD pflog file), capture
> size 96 bytes
> [gouda:root]/root# cat /etc/pf.conf
> ext_if="em0"
> int_if="sk0"
> set skip on lo0
> scrub in
> nat on $ext_if from $int_if:network to any -> ($ext_if)
> block drop in log (all) quick on $ext_if from {, }
> to any
> block drop out log (all) quick on $ext_if from {,
> } to any
> pass in all
> pass out all

You have to reverse the order of the source and destination in your
outgoing rule. It should be:

block drop out log (all) quick on $ext_if from any to {, }


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