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Tue Jul 7 09:26:38 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 11:30 AM, John Dakos [ Enovation Technologies ] <
gdakos at> wrote:

> Hello All, I m newbie on PF
> I want a simple pf.conf, I have one NIC
> I want filtered ports    21,22,25,80,110, 53 DNS and Samba, and all other
> ports to be closed.
> Is any one to have this config?
> Thanks

Hello Mr. John,

 The pf FAQ should be a good place to start.

 Blindly copying some rules written here by some person be them good
will not make you understand how pf works and how to debug and use
in the future.

 Another must have resource regarding PF is "The book of PF" by Peter N. M.
Hansteen. And to quote him:

"The Pledge of the Network Admin
This is my network.
It is mine,
or technically, my employer's;
it is my responsibility,
and I care for it with all my heart.
There are many other networks a lot like mine,
but none are just like it.
I solemnly swear
that I will not mindlessly paste from HOWTOs."

I don't want to be rude with you, I (as well as many others) could provide
a simple ruleset but that would break "Your Pledge" as a Network Admin
and plus the knowledge you'll gain by learning pf will be of use in the

a great day,
network warrior since 2005

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