Positive condition for adding in the table?

Peter N. M. Hansteen peter at bsdly.net
Tue Aug 25 15:28:12 UTC 2009

Ivan Radovanovic <rivanr at gmail.com> writes:

> I am new into pf configuration and I am curious if it is possible to add
> some host into table in firewall rules if some conditions are met (not
> if they are broken). 

There are a couple of apps out there that will update pf tables for
you based on various conditions.  

One is authpf (a non-interactive user shell, frequently used for stuff
like http://home.nuug.no/~peter/pf/en/vegard.authpf.html), likely
something to build on.  Then I was going to write that dhcpd can
manipulate tables (for example, adding addresses it has assigned to a
pf table), but then I realized that OpenBSD's dhcpd is not identical
to the FreeBSD one so that particular feature may not be available
immediately to readers of this list.

Tables are nice, more apps that interface with pf through tables would
likely be welcome.

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