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Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/111220  pf         [pf] repeatable hangs while manipulating pf tables

1 problem total.

Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/82271   pf         [pf] cbq scheduler cause bad latency
o kern/92949   pf         [pf] PF + ALTQ problems with latency
o bin/116610   pf         [patch] teach tcpdump(1) to cope with the new-style pf
o kern/117827  pf         [pf] [panic] kernel panic with pf and ng
o kern/120281  pf         [request] lost returning packets to PF for a rdr rule

5 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o sparc/93530  pf         [pf] Incorrect checksums when using pf's route-to on s
o kern/93825   pf         [pf] pf reply-to doesn't work
o kern/106400  pf         [pf] fatal trap 12 at restart of PF with ALTQ if ng0 d
s conf/110838  pf         tagged parameter on nat not working on FreeBSD 5.2
o kern/114095  pf         [carp] carp+pf delay with high state limit
o kern/114567  pf         [pf] LOR pf_ioctl.c + if.c
f kern/116645  pf         [request] pfctl -k does not work in securelevel 3
o kern/118355  pf         [pf] [patch] pfctl help message options order false -t
f kern/119661  pf         [pf] "queue (someq, empy_acks)" doesn't work
o kern/120057  pf         [patch] Allow proper settings of ALTQ_HFSC. The check 
o kern/121704  pf         [pf] PF mangles loopback packets

11 problems total.

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