PF with ftp-proxy

albinootje albinootje at
Tue Jun 24 08:47:32 UTC 2008

Jason C. Wells wrote:

> But even more mysteriously, as I typed this message I fired up tcpdump
> to try and figure things out.  I then attempted to connect to
> and succeeded.  I have changed no firewall rules during
> the time that I have been writing this message. Then I did a refresh in
> firefox and the ftp session failed.  Double WTF? How on earth can the
> firewall work one second and then not work the next?

i'm using the following lines in pf.conf :

rdr on $intif proto tcp from $intif:network to any port ftp ->
port 8021
pass in on $extif inet proto tcp from port ftp-data to $extif user proxy
flags S/SA keep state

and this does not work in firefox (2.x),
but it works fine with ncftp and gftp

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