altq: dynamic queues

cnupm sizov at
Sun Feb 3 16:06:42 PST 2008

My English is no good, so I tried to describe what I want at this example:

### /etc/pf.conf
altq on bge0 bandwidth 10Mb hfsc queue { u1_in, u1_out, u2_in, u2_out...}
anchor users_queues

block all
anchor users_rules

### When user connected - teke parameter $x from DB (for example) and
echo "queue u1_in bandwidth 1Kb hfsc (upperlimit $xKb)" | pfctl -a
user_queues:u1_in -f -
echo "queue u1_out bandwidth 1Kb hfsc (upperlimit $xKb)" | pfctl -a
user_queues:u1_out -f -
*** ... users_rules... ***

I know: it doesn't works - it's simplest way (with my English) to explain
what I wont.
How to dynamicly create/delete queues?
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