Tracing packets passing through PF

Tom Judge tom at
Mon Mar 5 09:25:13 UTC 2007

Greg Hennessy wrote:
>> I have the following rules on lo0:
> Have you tried an set skip with a default block log all ?
> Greg

The packet is not getting filtered it leaves the host and passes on the 
wire to the default gateway.  There are no issues with the traffic being 
filtered by the originating hosts firewall, the problem is that the ESP 
packets next hop is not being modified by the source routing rule and is 
therefore being sent to the incorrect gateway, where the ISP filters the 
packet.  It is only the ESP traffic that fails to be routed correctly, 
all other traffic is fine. It is almost as if the ESP packet never 
enters PF and is transmitted straight out onto the network,  hence me 
starting this thread about being able to trace the packet through the stack.


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