Issue with PF on FreeBSD 6.2.5?

Laurent LEVIER llevier at
Fri Jul 6 19:15:57 UTC 2007

Hi All,

At 02:30 06/07/2007, David DeSimone wrote:
>Do you mean that you checked the session table (pfctl -ss) before and
>after running the pfctl -k command, and you find that the session is not
First, thanks for your help.

I finally found the issue...

I was pinging indefinitely a host to check barring.

Apparently, UDP & TCP are really blocked right after the pfctl -k, 
but ICMP ping (a ping -t from Windoze) keeps working.

Whatever I attempted to do, I did not succeeded setting up a real 
barring on all ports & protocols.

I must now check some other weird protocols as AH/ESP to ensure the 
HotSpot really bars properly traffic.


Laurent LEVIER
Systems & Networks Senior Security Expert, CISSP CISM

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