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jonathan michaels jon at
Tue Aug 28 03:19:27 PDT 2007

greetings all,

i had a few words with another person who posted a similar report.

i do not think that this (what is happening is an error but i cannot
find out why or understand how this is happening .. i would appreciate
some assistance withe find out, please.

the machine is a recycle p5 133 mhz with buslogic (bt-958) SCSI host
adapter, a couple of scsi drives (hdd and cd) and 64 mb dram, a digital
21040 10 mhz nic (de0) std tsenglabs 4000 video card. this makes for a
nice gateway/router machine. it has worked at this job for some 15/20
years and sits behind a un-interuptable (sine-wave conditioner and 2kva
battery. it started out with freebsd v2.0.5-release and is now running
freebsd v6.2-release. it ran freebsd v2 from 199? (when it was
released) untill a couple of months ago when i formated the disk-drives
and did a clean disk installation of freebsd v6.2-release.

sorry i don not have much skill with freebsd v6 ad none with pf ( i
have been a ipfw user, the one based on v2.0.5).

i noticed these log message entries in /var/log/debug.log with this

Aug 25 00:00:02 ???????? pflogd[350]: [priv]: msg PRIV_OPEN_LOG received
Aug 26 00:00:02 ???????? pflogd[350]: [priv]: msg PRIV_OPEN_LOG received
Aug 27 00:00:02 ???????? pflogd[350]: [priv]: msg PRIV_OPEN_LOG received
Aug 28 00:00:02 ???????? pflogd[350]: [priv]: msg PRIV_OPEN_LOG received

i changed the /etc/newsyslog(5) entry so that it would gather the data
in one file once a day, makes it easier to use tools like ethereal to
view the days entries/data/happenings/stuff, when the newsyslog entry
was as original this log entry would happen 3 or 4 times a day, as per
my original reply to Michael and his error report, that is why i
thought that my situation was like his, and it was an error report.

uuum i am not, sorry, i do not know what is happening here, would
somebody explain to me what is happening and why pflogd is making this
log entry, please. 

i looked at Google, there was only one entry but it was associated with
an error situation, a fatal trap 12 in fact, mine is not like that, it
appears to be pflogd telling me that it is doing, something, i do not
understand. is it possible to turn this off ?? will it hide something
if turn this off ??

kind regards


please excuse my typing/spelling, english is not my first language and
i am disabled from birth.

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