do you use spamd with sync?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Fri Aug 10 02:33:47 UTC 2007

(Maybe I should post this to the freebsdspamd berlios list instead??)

If you use spamd, can you please check your logs for errors like:

zgrep -E "bogus entry|can't delete|scan.*failed" /var/log/messages.*z 

(If that is where you log to.)

I have many errors and I can't track down why or what is corrupted.

One interesting result is that it will attempt to whitelist the same entry 
tens of thousands of times in less than one minute. And my CPU load will 
go high. And my spamd memory usage goes up ten times. I have moved my 
spamd databases out of the way around 20 times. But new corruption 
continues. I have been running spamd for over a year now.

I am thing it might be related to my sync usage ...

Do any of you use the -Y and -y options?

I only use it with unicast. 

So my -Y is an hostname. So sync_addhost is successful (and my debugging 
shows the "added spam sync host" line) so sync_iface stays NULL.

And sync_init() is ran with that as NULL. The code does:

        if (iface != NULL)

So I am not multicast. Good.

But then the code resets it:

                        if (iface == NULL)
                                iface = baddr;

And then:

        /* Don't use multicast messages */
        if (iface == NULL)
                return (syncfd);

(I added fprintf(stderr debugging to verify this.)

So it doesn't return even though I am not using multicast which it 
attempts to setup.

So added a return (syncfd); anyways since it wouldn't work with out it.

I am guessing that I am the only person in the world using it with 
unicast. I have asked about this a couple times on the OpenBSD tech list, 
but no feedback on that there. 

Maybe the unicast method is broken? I'd appreciate to hear anyone's 
experiences with using this.

I have been using it since sync it existed -- maybe around February.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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