pf+altq (all traffic are in queue default)

Hajime tohajime at
Sat Sep 2 07:36:00 UTC 2006


I want to implement a pf+altq for traffic shaping with freebsd 5.4-Release.
I have done kernel compilation in my freebsd box for those pf and altq.
Then, my scenario is like this :

My network  :


I want each http, ssh and ftp traffic going from external-network to
internal-network get 25%  from total available bandwidth in xl0.

This is my pf.conf :

#Root Queue
altq on xl0 cbq bandwidth 10Mb queue { www, ftp, ssh, std }

#Child Queue
queue www bandwidth 25% priority 2 cbq(borrow)
queue ftp bandwidth 25% priority 2 cbq(borrow)
queue ssh bandwidth 25% { ssh_login, ssh_bulk }
  queue ssh_login bandwidth 25% priority 4 cbq(ecn)
  queue ssh_bulk bandwidth 75% cbq(ecn)
queue std bandwidth 25% priority 3 cbq(default borrow)

ext_net = ""
int_net = ""

#Filter rule
pass out on xl0 proto tcp from $ext_net to $int_net port 80 queue www
pass out on xl0 proto tcp from $ext_net to $int_net port { 21, 20 } queue
pass out on xl0 proto tcp from any to any port 22 queue(ssh_bulk, ssh_login)

Then i test this configuration by generate traffic http, ftp, ssh, etc (the
traffic is going from external-network to internal-network). I saw pf status
with command "pfctl -vs all", all the traffic are in queue default, not in
the each queue ( for ftp, http, ssh etc).
Is there any mistake in my pf.conf? please help me.



M. Toha S

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