Updating pf on FreeBSD

nejko at skoberne.net nejko at skoberne.net
Tue Jan 24 02:55:55 PST 2006


I am running FreeBSD 5.3 and pf, and I have a problem because there's a Windows
FTP server machine running behind NAT, on the local network. Of course, I want
it to be accessible from the outside too. I have discovered pftpx, which is a
proxy which does exactly what I want and is also ported to FreeBSD.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me and I have learned that that's because it
uses recursive (nested) anchors feature in the newer pf versions (from FreeBSD
5.4 on I think).

So, I would need to upgrade the pf on my FreeBSD 5.3 to the at least 5.4's
version. What would be the easiest and the most secure way to accomplish this?
I guess I have to update pf's kernel part source and userland programs (pfctl)?

Thank you in advance,

Nejc Skoberne

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