Multiple DSL lines, load sharing / shaping

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Wed Jan 18 04:09:12 PST 2006

Josh Finlay wrote:
> Hi Sten,
> Ahh.. well that will be something for me to look into then. Give me a
> starting point anyway.
> Don't suppose you've had experience doing it in PF? ;-)

Is it even possible in PF?

> Now here is what I don't get
> We have 5x512=2560kbps (note: each line has a seperate IP address, same
> provider though).
> We want to download a file over HTTP
> Browser sends "GET /path/to/file HTTP/1.1", etc.. from IP1
> And Web server sends headers and file contents back to IP1
> and since IP1 is only a 512kbps line, it would seem to me that it
> wouldn't be possible to achieve anything higher than 512kbps or attempt
> to incorporate any of the other lines into the transfer because that
> would just confuse the server.

Are you talking about a webserver on your end and IP1 meaning an user
from the internet? Or the other way around?

And are you using NAT?

> My only thought was that if you received over a proxy (or used a
> download manager with segmentation features, like that horrible windows
> program GetRight) and the proxy would get the file size, divide it into
> how many lines/ips I had (in this case, 5) and then ask for bytes 0 ->
> first part, and start concurrent connections for first part -> second
> part, third -> forth, etc. In a similar way that a resume would work..
> Does this make sense?

That can be accomplished if you want.
What do you prefer? "packet perfect" forwarding for maximum throughput
on your uploads or stream friendly balancing - and perhaps better
overall performance - for many users?

> Or is there an extremely easier way of doing things that I just wasn't
> aware of yet?

Have you ever considered multilink ppp?

Sten Daniel Sørsdal

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