pf + ALTQ + hfsc

Jon Simola jon at
Mon Nov 21 11:47:44 PST 2005

On 11/20/05, Marcus Alves Grando <mnag at> wrote:

> I trying to limit one interface "rl0" to 256Kb, but when i test with
> iperf he say limit is "7.29 Mbits/sec". What's wrong? Whay iperf say 7Mb/s?

> altq on rl0 bandwidth 512Kb hfsc queue test
> queue test bandwidth 256Kb hfsc (default upperlimit 256Kb)
> pass in on rl0 from any to any queue test
> pass out on rl0 from any to any queue test

You cannot queue inbound traffic, only outbound. For simple PF
configs, only use queue on "pass out" rules until you get the hang of

For advanced configs, you can queue inbound traffic on an outbound
interface if it leaves the router/bridge on a different interface than
it entered on.

(simple and advanced are, of course, subjective terms)

Jon Simola
Systems Administrator
ABC Communications

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