Please test: MPSAFE callouts

Max Laier max at
Fri Feb 25 16:34:11 GMT 2005

On Monday 21 February 2005 18:51, Max Laier wrote:
> All,
> Pyun reminded me that we are still useing Giant to protect our callouts. We
> don't have to since we protect our code in there with our own mutex and the
> netstack is Giant-free as well now (provided that mpsafenet is enabled).
> If you have testing capabilities, please take the attached diffs for a ride
> (on SMP hardware) with debug.mpsafenet=1 and MPSAFE NICs.  It'd be great if
> we could enable it for 5.4R, but we need proper testing to do so!
> NOTE: If you use user/group rules you still need to set debug.mpsafenet=0,
> but testing of this scenario is welcome as well.
> Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Has anyone even cared enough to compile this?  C'mon it's not that hard and we 
really need some feedback!

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