rdr for ftp-proxy doesn't work

Giovanni P. Tirloni gpt at tirloni.org
Tue Feb 22 03:29:46 GMT 2005

Giovanni P. Tirloni wrote:
> Nick Buraglio wrote:
>> Try adding:
>> pass in from any to any
>> pass out from any to any
>> to the rules section.  I believe you have to tell it to actually 
>> handle the traffic.
>  I tried that but it didn't help. Then I tried changing by 
> another external IP that I knew it had a ftp server running: all packets 
>  were redirected and I could login.
>  There seems to be something locking the redirection to and/or 
> the internal interface address.

  My temporary fix was to use ipfw and ports/ftp/frox but I'd like to 
help to investigate this situation. I've tried to enable transparent ftp 
proxy with pf and ftp-proxy on another 5.3-STABLE and it didn't work 
also. No packet gets redirect to loopback but it redirects for anything 

Giovanni P. Tirloni

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