Upgrading pf in time for 5.4?

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at tamu.edu
Fri Apr 1 15:23:43 PST 2005

I'm about halfway through with slugging through the changes from
OPENBSD_3_5 -> OPENBSD_3_6 to packet filter code, and i'm wondering if
(a) i'm going about it the "right" way, and (b) if it's worth devoting
more time to (my employer (texas A&M) is allowing me to work on it at
work ;)) to get some patches done before 5.4-RELEASE

From our standpoint, we'd stand a good bit to gain if the code was
updated, given the rule optimizations that have been added to pf from
3_5->3_6 and a few other changes (i'm still hoping for if_bridge.* to be
ported over soon ;)) 

So, how long might I have to wrap it up, and any suggestions on how the
"right way" would be (just to make sure i'm not wasting a lot of time
here ;)) 


-R. Tyler Ballance
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