[pf4freebsd] Re: why multiple CARP groups

Max Laier max at love2party.net
Wed Sep 15 21:12:36 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 17 August 2004 10:58, sam wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to get adviced by someone  for the usage of CARP+pfsync.
> With the BIG example as described in the following page:
> http://www.countersiege.com/doc/pfsync-carp/#big
> I don't understand why create a different CARP group for each
> application server instead of using only one CARP interface for 4
> internal application servers is better.
> With only one CARP address for 4 application servers, traffic still can
> be redirected to another app server if one is died. Unless one CARP
> address is not efficient.
> Can anyone please explain the difference using multiple CARP groups
> instead of one CARP address?

The example uses a "rdr source-hash" rule to load balance over the four 
virtual addresses. You cannot use the CARP version of source-hash as the 
clients are behind the firewalls and will not balance as a result.

If one server dies one of the remaining 3 takes over and has to take twice the 
load until the failed server comes back (or the admin modifies the rdr rule).

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