[pf4freebsd] Version 2.01 (byte order - again)

Max Laier max at love2party.net
Wed Sep 15 20:58:29 PDT 2004


with enthusiastic help and testing from Joris Vandalon, I finally was able to 
reproduce and fix the problem Mark Bojara reported a while back. The bug 
which prevented route-to from working on certain NICs (fxp, xl ...) was due 
to improper byte order swapping (again) and is now fixed.

Additionally version 2.01 includes the patches until now only available via 
the ports-tree. That means that you can finally build on current from tarball 
again. The port will be bumped soon, I am afraid that we won't make it in 
time for 5.2 though.

As always: http://pf4freebsd.love2party.net/pf_freebsd_2.01.tar.gz
MD5 (pf_freebsd_2.01.tar.gz) = 44199f551763a7877099747c9b0e0fcc

I can't update the webpage at the moment, but hope to do it soon.

If you are still waiting for a restart of the OpenBSD-current tracking, hold 
your breath a little longer, I'll wait a bit for the two large commits to 
settle and release a synced version at the end of the week (or early next 

Best regards,				| max at love2party.net
Max Laier				| ICQ #67774661
http://pf4freebsd.love2party.net/	| mlaier at EFnet #DragonFlyBSD

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