[pf4freebsd] Re: Bridging?

Max Laier max at love2party.net
Wed Sep 15 20:47:15 PDT 2004

That's strange. Can you send output of "pfctl -gvvsa" after some traffic.
Maybe with this ruleset:
block in log
block out log

If you have time to test a bit, I'd like to send you some debugging code to
run, as I don't have a bridge setup at hand for testing.


> When I do all of that I get a working bridge but it doesn't block anything
> except some port 137 broadcast packets (by watching pftcpdump results as
> recommended).  I can still ping through the bridge both directions and
> connect via ssh through the bridge.
> Given the above config shouldn't everything be blocked?  Does anyone see
> something I've done wrong or omitted?

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