[pf4freebsd] Re: 2 ports of PF for FreeBSD

Max Laier max at love2party.net
Wed Sep 15 20:41:19 PDT 2004

> Itojun may import PF into KAME tree. Which PF(our ported one or a new
> one made by him) would be imported is not important to me.
> I just wanted to use PF on FreeBSD. Because no one made PF work on
> FreeBSD, I did it myself.
> The most important thing is whether the FreeBSD Core Members will
> import KAME tree. Our ported version can be a help until FreeBSD
> imports KAME with PF.

And furthermore, our port will help to understand the needed
modifications/locks and whatsoever to make if work in FreeBSD with
ungigantified network. I guess once KAME's version of pf is there our port
will be a valueable resource to refer to.

So let's keep going. If we make our port stable, chances are much higher of
getting in the KAME code into the tree, once it is available.


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