Aggressive Investors Alert

jack squat brassbro08 at
Sat Nov 4 00:04:52 UTC 2006

 Get Prepared!! AGHG continues!
 Don't you challenge take your eyes off this morning.
 When this Stock moves... WATCH OUT!...MONDAY, November 6,  2006!!!
 Stock symbol: AGHG.PK
 Corporation name:ASGARD HOLDINGS INC
 Present price:$0.10  (+11.11% Friday increase)
 5 days target:$0.40
 This is a ideal stock sign to double or triple your savings.
 It is just a peace of cake for every investor. 
 The Time is Right for AGHG!!!
 The company recently signed a new order pending certification for 4,000 system
 With a profit margin of $4,000 per suit, this would result in a huge new surge
  in profits for the company.
 WATCH it closely starting November 6, 2006!!!

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