Thomas Krause (Webmatic) tk at webmatic.de
Tue Mar 4 06:53:58 UTC 2008

Dieter schrieb:
>> My question is: which other PCI-Express GBit NIC's then Intel's are
>> available on the market? I can't find others ...
> "man -k pcie" on 6.2 gives:
> bce(4) - Broadcom NetXtreme II (BCM5706/BCM5708) PCI/PCIe Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver
> re(4)  - RealTek 8139C+/8169/816xS/811xS/8101E PCI/PCIe Ethernet adapter driver
> There might be more in 7.0 but it is still downloading.  :-(
> And there may be PCIe devices that don't show up in man -k.
> Is there a way to tell from dmesg or pciconf that something is
> PCIe rather than PCI?  The onboard stuff could be either.

I don't speak from onboard cards! I speak from PCI-E cards you
can plug into the PCI-E slot. E.g. in Ingram Micros online shop
there are only Intel PCI-E-Cards listed. I know there are good
PCI-E NIC's from Sysconnect, but I can only buy them from special 
dealers. Compared to PCI-NIC's - I realy don't have a big choice of 


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