Samba performance, TCP Stack Issue?

Mike Tancsa mike at
Sun Sep 3 15:38:39 PDT 2006

At 06:14 PM 9/3/2006, Jan Zacharias wrote:
>So far i messed with:
>  - ifconfig mtu

leave it at 1500 unless everything talking to the box supports jumbo 
frames. (ie. all routers / switches in between)

>  - net.inet.tcp settings

OK, but what did you fiddle with ?

what did you set
net.inet.tcp.sendspace ?
>net.inet.tcp.recvspace ?

>Tuning SO_SNDBUF gave only very little gain, adapting the mtu to match the
>win2k box was useless.
>W/a net.inet.tcp.inflight.enable enabled the txrate is 2 Mb/s lower,
>however 6 Mb/s is still SLOW.

6mega bits or 6 mega Bytes ?


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