Call for performance evaluation:

Mike Tancsa mike at
Mon Oct 24 07:53:49 PDT 2005

At 12:12 PM 05/10/2005, Robert Watson wrote:

>Obviously, this is about two things: performance, and stability.  Many of us


>Of particular interest is if changing to direct dispatch hurts 
>performance in your environment, and understanding why that is.

I enabled this last Monday on 2 SMP boxes in our spam / virus 
scanning cluster. Unfortunately, we had to implement some other 
changes (local dcc server) that would impact the performance numbers, 
but I can report that it is stable after a week.  I am going to 
disable the setting tonight and go back to to get a day or two worth of stats to see what that 
does to the average message processing time and overall load 
average.  But it does seem stable.  The 2 boxes are dual core 
machines (Intel D830 and AMD 3800 X2) running 6.0RC1 from last week.


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