SATA: RAID 5 controller recommendations

Richard Tector richardtector at
Wed Oct 19 04:18:51 PDT 2005

I've got a system here running 6.0-RC1 with the 8 port PCI-X Areca card and
a 7 disk RAID5 array of 320GB Western Digital disks. I have to agree with
Mike here, they are indeed extremely fast and I can't say I've ever had any
issues with it. Recommended.

However, I haven't had much cause to use the CLI management utils, so I
can't really comment there.


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At 06:36 PM 18/10/2005, Steven Hartland wrote:
>Anyone got any SATA RAID 5 controllers they can recommend 64Bit PCIX.

I use the 3ware line (8xxx) and they are very stable, but not the 
fastest.  For speed, check out the cards from Areca.  Native FreeBSD 
support and they are FAST


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