A query about building open office..

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Tue Sep 19 19:39:44 PDT 2006

Randall Stewart writes:

>  I have a problem and was hoping for some advice..

	<maniacal laugh, trailing off into the distance>

	1) Do you want/need to compile with Java?
	I am not an expert, but the only thing I _know_ of that
requires Java is the OpenDocument input/output filters.  If you can
live without those, Java becomes a no-op.
	2) version of Java
	In /usr/ports/java, you will find diablo-jdk15 and jdk15.   _As
I understand it_ the difference is diablo is the offical,
certified-by-Sun version.  Non-diablo is the same general code-base
without Sun's blessing and works fine for OOo purposes.
	In fact, I believe it works better.  As has been mentioned,
issues were been discovered with diable-jdk15 soon after its
release; jdk15 seems not to have those problems.  Check with java@
for more information.
	2a) The good news: having installed diablo, one can use it to
build the non-diablo port.  It'll take a while, even on a fast
machine, but it will work.

	(Corrections to the above accepted.)

				Robert Huff

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