PLEASE READ: Upcoming GNOME 2.12 upgrade

marcus at marcus at
Fri Oct 28 20:08:10 PDT 2005

As soon as FreeBSD 6.0 is released, GNOME 2.12 will be imported into the
FreeBSD ports tree.  This upgrade brings with it new versions of Glib 2.
This new version includes a shared library version bump that will affect
the following ports which you maintain.  We would like to bump these ports'
PORTREVISIONs to make upgrades easier for our users.  If there is a port
listed here that you would NOT like touched, please let us know as soon
as possible.  If you are fine with this bump, you do not need to respond
to this email.

Please keep in mind that bumping PORTREVISIONs will be a benefit to our users
as it  will not require them to do forced portupgrades.

The good news is that this should be the LAST time such a bump will need to
happen.  Starting in GNOME 2.12, we are introducing a libtool hack that will
allow our library versions to mimic those of Linux.  Because of this, we
do not anticipate shared library version changes of this nature in the

Thank you.

Marcus on behalf of the FreeBSD GNOME Team



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