May I suggest?

Leslie Jensen leslie at
Tue Apr 24 09:08:41 UTC 2012

Now after installing the new version of Libreoffice, 3.5.2, I had to go 
to the CVS notes at Freshports to find out that the installation was in 
english only.

Installing the port libreoffice-i18n-3.5.2 and choosing sv, did not do 

I had to install libreoffice-sv to get what I wanted.

My suggestions:

After installation of Libreoffice there should be a message outlining 
which steps to take in order to install ones localisation.

when configuring libreoffice-i18n and choosing in my case sv the comment 
says sv localisation.

I do not think that's very informative. I would have liked it to say 
Swedish localisation or localisation for Swedish.

Not the least because the next choice in the list is sw, and to avoid 
mistakes writing out the whole name of the localisation would be helpful.

I my case the installation of libreoffice-i18n didn't install the 
localisation so it was confusing for me to have to install even 

Thank you


/Leslie Jensen

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