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Baptiste Daroussin bapt at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jul 29 18:36:10 UTC 2011

On Thu, 28 Jul 2011 23:10:17 +0300, George Liaskos wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 6:21 PM, Baptiste Daroussin 
> <bapt at freebsd.org> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> First, welcome to the list and thank you for your subscription :).
>> Just a few notes on how this works.
>> This team has been created in order to have the office related ports
>> maintained by a pool of commiters and contributors rather then just
>> depending on a single person.
>> The other goal of the team is to try to keep those ports quite 
>> consistent
>> between each other, we can now easily discuss about what option to 
>> activate
>> by default or not, and try to apply the same rules to all the subset 
>> of
>> ports maintained by the team.
>> concerning the commit rules, except if someone has an objection, I 
>> think the
>> best for the team is to be "help yourself" driven, which mean 
>> everyone can
>> do the work without others approval, based on the idea that anyone 
>> is smart
>> enough to discuss big changes before doing it :)
>> I already gives all the ports I maintained which I considered as 
>> office
>> related to the list (including the associated PRs :)) feel free to 
>> add
>> yours, or those from ports@ if relevant.
>> What is in the office@ TODO list (in fact was in my todo list) and 
>> has been
>> started and not finished :
>> - Adding locales thesaurus ports (I think I have added all the 
>> possible
>> ones)
>> - Adding locales hyphenation ports (I think I have added all the 
>> possible
>> ones)
>> - Adding the hunspell dictionaries ports (lots of them are missing 
>> and need
>> to be added)
>> - Update the libreoffice to 3.4.2, George Liaskos Has already done 
>> some nice
>> work about this (I already forwarded this to the mailing list) but I 
>> haven't
>> had time to integrate his patch yet (there is a git repo here :
>> https://github.com/bapt/libreoffice-ports if need pgj@ has the 
>> commit access
>> to it, I can add the access to other people from the list just ask 
>> :)) we
>> can also decide that other places are suitable for that.
>> - Be able to provide l10n package for libreoffice, pgj@ has already 
>> done a
>> nice work about this, but they are created "the ugly way" splitted 
>> the big
>> fat libreoffice package. with 3.4 libreoffice uses 
>> translation-toolkit to
>> buit his l10n files, I'm sure we should be able to build them 
>> directly from
>> source this needs to be work on if it is possible.
>> - Make use of local hyphen/thesaurus/dicts for libreoffice and maybe 
>> others
>> (OOo?) to reduce the size of the generated package (easier for users 
>> to
>> download) and to be able for users to have the last available 
>> dictionary for
>> their language.
>> Now please add/discuss your own project to that list, remove the 
>> maybe crazy
>> idea I got etc.
>> regards,
>> Bapt
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> FYI LibreOffice is down :)
> https://plus.google.com/photos/114339071175273147770/albums/5634488140081530849/5634495501462444482
> Regards,
> George

And upgrading to break it :)
FYI is going to be announced as the official 3.4.2


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