Adding setfib support to rc.d/routing

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AN> Hi,

AN> Having multiple routing tables is a very nice and (was a) long awaited
AN> capability in FreeBSD. Having it since years is even more cool, because
AN> we can assume it's stable now.
AN> But not having infrastructure support for it sucks, this makes people 
AN> hacking with rc.local or various scripts in various places.

AN> There is a(t least one) PR about it: conf/145440, which proposes a 
AN> standard method for setting up different FIBs in a seems to be logical
AN> way, which is compatible with the current single routing table method of
AN> static_routes.

AN> Are there any objections about this PR? Is there something we can do to
AN> get it committed?

I have a patch

AN> Thanks,

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