Intel 82574L interface wedging on em 7.1.9/7.2.3 when MSIX enabled

Jack Vogel jfvogel at
Mon Oct 31 05:27:13 UTC 2011

On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 9:03 PM, Jason Wolfe <nitroboost at> wrote:

> Jack is the delta your speaking to the 7.2.4 code?  I did manage to get
> the code from Intel compiled with a couple minutes of work, but haven't
> loaded it up yet as I didn't see anything that caught my untrained eye in
> the diffs.  I'll wait until its ported over and would be happy to test if
> needed.
The "code from Intel" is just my code channeled thru internal release
processes :) the code at the tip of HEAD should be as
current as you would ever find. This delta is actually got a shared code
change that is specifically for 82574, it address a TX
problem that was found either using Windows or Linux, I'm not sure, so its
unknown whether its going to fix what those still
having issues are seeing or not. Even so, its a "service" type fix in the
shared code, everyone should have it.

There are a couple other changes in my core code as well, I will send it as
a standalone tarball, do NOT try to drop this
code into the kernel tree, it will break things, you will need to build and
use this seperately for the moment, I will merge
it into the kernel properly subsequently.

Anyway, I'll send it out tomorrow sometime.



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