[urtw] Wifi link dying randomly. reboot required to reconnect.

Chuck Burns break19 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 01:16:54 UTC 2011

 have a Netgear WG111v2 - which is a RealTek 8187 based usb 802.11G dongle, 
and which uses the if_urtw module.

At random intervals, my internet connection just dies, I cannot ping the AP, 
am told "Network is down" by ping.

The LED light on the adapter will have also gone out, and in dmesg, I get 
"wlan: link state changed to DOWN" and nothing I can do will restart the 

Killing wpa_supplicant and restarting it does nothing.

I've even destroyed and recreated the wlan0 device and still nothing.  The 
card is effectively off, and non-responsive.

What's worse is, I cannot remove and reinsert the adapter, because doing so 
causes a kernel panic.

kldunload if_urtw -also- causes a kernel panic.  I've had this issue since 8.0 
was released, and I've also tried -current with no success at resolving this 

As a point of note, this adapter is stable under OpenBSD, Linux, and Windows. 
It is only under FreeBSD and Solaris(OI, OSOL, and SolExpress10/11) that this 
issue exists... 

If anyone has any ideas for things to try, I am willing to try pretty much 
anything to get this resolved.

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