gif interface not passing IPv6 packets

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qi> >
qi> > Just to let you know that I was doing a lot of testing off of the
qi> > mailing list with Hiroki Sato and we basically discovered that I was
qi> > missing an alias on my lo0 interface. He first advised me to try
qi> > testing with adding a /126 to gif0 rather than a /128 which worked
qi> > successfully. Then he advised me to go back to the original
qi> > configuration but also run ifconfig lo0 2a01:348:6:45c::2/128 alias
qi> > which added the correct routes and resolved the problem. Whilst this
qi> > is a workaround it obviously doesn't resolve the actual root cause so
qi> > thank you if you come up with a patch.
qi> >
qi> You don't need any aliases to make this configuration work.
qi> Adding the interface alias triggers the code that installs the
qi> proper routing entry for the local end of the gif tunnel.
qi> The suggested workaround (wrt configuring aliases and lo0 manipulation)
qi> is no different from doing the following:

 Correct, but doing configuration on the same interface multiple times
 except for adding aliases in our rc.conf framework is trickier so I
 suggested adding an alias to lo0.  It is not the best way, of course.

-- Hiroki

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