Arg. TCP slow start killing me.

Erich Weiler weiler at
Sun Nov 13 23:53:03 UTC 2011

> I suspect my firewall *is* the cause of the packet loss, unfortunately.
> We're sending multiple streams in from multiple sources and
> destinations, but the aggregate bandwidth coming into the firewall is
> consistent no matter how many sources and destinations we have. It maxes
> at about 2Gb/s. That's why I was trying to tweak the firewall, to try
> and get that number up.

Sorry, to be clear, the *average* bandwidth was like 2Gb/s, I'm really 
trying to dodge the sawtooth traffic pattern in some way, I see it go up 
to 3Gb/s every once in a while.  I was hoping to achieve getting closer 
to 3Gb/s on average by adding buffers to my firewall, but maybe that 
isn't the answer...

I tried Jason's suggestions earlier but it didn't seem to help much 

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