problem with setting nat using pf

David Cornejo dave at
Sun Aug 21 19:46:41 UTC 2011

On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 9:47 PM, h bagade <bagadeh at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am trying to use pf nat rules with pool support on FreeBsd 8.0, working
> together with ipfw as the main firewall. According to the natting concepts
> i
> faced in manuals and docs, nat concept is to map the source address to the
> natted address when sending the packets from that source and then map the
> destination address of the related reply packets.
> but when I define pf nat rules with a pool of IP addresses not available on
> the outside interface ip addresses, the outgoing traffic is natted to one
> of
> the pool addresses but the response is not received via that interface so
> the pf can map the destination address to the real one. here is one of my
> configs i used during my tests:
> *configurations:*
> *pf.conf:*
> nat on eth1 from {} to any ->
> {,,172.
> 16.10.3,,,,,,,}
> main system configurations:
> eth0:
> eth1:
> system A: directly connected to eth0-
> system B: directly connected to eth1-
> in this configs the dafult route of system A and system B are the middle
> systems connected ip address.
> as mentioned, when systemA pings systemB, the ping requests are natted to
> and received at systemB but systemB doesn't send icmp replies
> because it doesn't know to whom it should send the replies (no answer to
> system B 's ARP requests about who has the natted IP).
> now my question is, isn't it the pf nat responsibilty to manage this
> condition and send the ARP replies to SystemB?
> or, are my configs wrong?
> or i misunderstood the nat concepts?
> any ideas or helps are really appreciated as i have to set this nat on my
> main system, asap.
> Thanks in advance.
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ARP is not handled by pf.  You need to get the interface to respond to that
IP address by creating an alias for the address using ifconfig - if you need
more help please post your rc.conf

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