[patch] WOL support for nfe(4)

Yamagi Burmeister lists at yamagi.org
Tue Nov 9 08:49:24 UTC 2010

Thanks for your reply.

On Mon, 8 Nov 2010, Pyun YongHyeon wrote:

> Thanks for the patch. I attached slightly modified the code to
> better match other WOL capable drivers in tree. Because data sheet
> is not available I blindly made a patch based on your code. I have
> a couple of questions which I can't verify it on real hardware(I
> have no more access to the hardware).
> o If you established a gigabit link with link partner and shutdown
>  your box, does the established link automatically change to 10 or
>  100Mbps? You can check it on your link partner. If your link
>  partner still reports it established 1000Mbps link, we have to
>  do other necessary work in driver(i.e. manually switching to
>  10/100Mbps).

No, the link stays at 1000Mbps so the driver must manually switch back
to 10/100Mbps.

> o When you put your box into suspend mode, can you wake up your box
>  with WOL magic packet?

I'm sorry but I can't test that since none of those boxes supports

   % sysctl hw.acpi.suspend_state
     hw.acpi.suspend_state: NONE

> o When your system boots up with/without WOL magic packet, sending
>  WOL magic packets from other hosts can hang your box?

No they don't. No matter if the box was started by sending the WOL magic
packet or by hand it survives all WOL packets I send to it.

> o If you disabled WOL with ifconfig before system shutdown, can you
>  still wakeup your box with WOL magic packet?

No, I can't. WOL is disabled and the box must be started manually.

> o If you reprogram your station address with ifconfig(i.e. ifconfig
>  nfe0 ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx), can you still wakeup your box with
>  WOL magic packet?

Yes, with sending the WOL magic packet to the new station adress.
Sending it to the original adress doesn't work.

> The patch I made didn't take into account management firmware so
> if you use the patch with IMPI, IMPI wouldn't work. But I think
> that's not an issue since all other parts of nfe(4) also ignores
> management firmware at this moment.

I can't test that, because none of these machines has the IPMI option
installed. Sorry.


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