Setting HT capabilities in net80211

Alexander Egorenkov egorenar at
Sun Mar 7 08:04:04 UTC 2010

OK, here is an example.

There is no way to set MCS feedback capability in the filed hc_extcap of the
struct ieee80211_ie_htcap
because the function ieee80211_add_htcap_body always sets it to 0. And my
Ralink device supports MCS feedback
according to Linux device driver code. The same problem is with HTC+ and RDR

On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 1:16 AM, Sam Leffler <sam at> wrote:

> Alexander Egorenkov wrote:
>> Currently there is no possibility to set some HT capabilities in e.g. an
>> association request frame.
>> The function ieee80211_add_htcap_body in ieee80211_ht.c simply sets some
>> HT
>> capabilities to zero.
>> For example, there is no way to set HT extended capabilities which i need
>> for my 802.11n device driver.
>> I could of course patch the function on my system and recompile the kernel
>> but it would be really nice
>> to have official support of extended HT capabilities (and all other HT
>> caps)
>> in net80211. The header file
>> ieee80211.h defines the necessary HT capability constants but they are not
>> used in net80211 to
>> set extended HT capabilities in association request frames.
> Can you be more specific?  The current code dynamically sets those
> capabilities that can be changed and the others are fixed according to the
> capabilities of the hw/driver.  Of course patches are always welcome; what's
> there reflects what was needed for the projects I worked on.
>        Sam

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