Setting HT capabilities in net80211

Alexander Egorenkov egorenar at
Fri Mar 5 07:48:09 UTC 2010

Currently there is no possibility to set some HT capabilities in e.g. an
association request frame.
The function ieee80211_add_htcap_body in ieee80211_ht.c simply sets some HT
capabilities to zero.
For example, there is no way to set HT extended capabilities which i need
for my 802.11n device driver.
I could of course patch the function on my system and recompile the kernel
but it would be really nice
to have official support of extended HT capabilities (and all other HT caps)
in net80211. The header file
ieee80211.h defines the necessary HT capability constants but they are not
used in net80211 to
set extended HT capabilities in association request frames.

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