support for L3/L4-filters in ixgbe

Jack Vogel jfvogel at
Tue Jul 20 22:15:56 UTC 2010

Am working on  SR-IOV support in the driver now, of course at the moment its
only to provide the VF (guest) side of things. To use a controlling/host IOV
driver I need support in the PCI subsystem and perhaps elsewhere. If the
infrastructure is there I'd be happy to add PF support.


On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 2:55 PM, Ryan Stone <rysto32 at> wrote:

> Currently there's interface for giving access to queues to userspace.
> One problem that you're going to run into is that the registers for
> all of the queues are mapped consecutively.  There wouldn't be any way
> of preventing the application from messing around with queues that
> don't belong to it.  Using the PCI SIG IOV mode would presumably
> prevent that, but I'm not at all familiar with what would be necessary
> to use IOV mode.  Also if you don't enable a virtualization mode I
> think that your userspace queue could get other flows, not just those
> matching your filter, if those flows happen to hash to your queue.
> The 82599 supports up to 128 MAC address filters(I think that the one
> gets reserved for use by the manageability interface).  The RAH and
> RAL registers are what you'll need to program.  Note that these
> registers direct packets to *pools* of queues, not directly to queues.
>  You'll also need to enable either VMDq mode or IOV mode to use pools
> 1-63; if you don't then any traffic that passes a filter that directs
> to a pool is implicitly directed to pool 0.
> I've done a lot of work on both the 82598 and the 82599 with VMDq mode
> to present multiple virtual interfaces to the kernel(the code, sadly,
> is not public).  If you have any questions about the ixgbe driver or
> the virtualization features of the 82599 I'll be happy to offer any
> help I can.
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