capturing wireless packets of multicast

刘凯 realliukai at
Thu Jan 28 03:30:30 UTC 2010

hello all:
    recently I have a problem about capturing wireless packets of multicast.
There is the network architecture. Frist, there is a swith which don't
support multicast, and then a PC(PC1) and a AP connect the switch. the PC is
multicasting. There is another PC(PC2) with wirelss network card to capture
wireless packets of multicast via  802.11g.
    The question came out.I have two wireless network card. One
is inter 4965AG, another is  atheros AR2425. If PC2 use the intet
4965AG, it can capture the wireless multicast packets, but if it use the
atheros one, it can't. So I wonder why the atheros can't. the difference of
two wireless card? the network architecture? the switch?



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