E4500 spend one core to saturate 1Gbit/s link with TCP -- is it nornal?

Lev Serebryakov lev at serebryakov.spb.ru
Mon Dec 20 20:42:49 UTC 2010

Hello, Freebsd-net.
You wrote 20 декабря 2010 г., 20:53:27:

>  I have file server with Core2Duo E4500 CPU and Intel gigabit adapter
>  (82566DM).

>  FreeBSD 8-STABLE (8.2-PRERELEASE #1: Fri Dec 3 2010) and
> samba35-3.5.6 are installed.

>  This server could serve about 110MiB/s to one client over CIFS, but
> one core of CPU is completely busy in such situation: about 60% of CPU
> is occuped by "ketnel" and 35-40% occuped bu "smbd" accroding to "top
> -S" ouput.

>  Is it normal, that 2.2GHz core is needed to saturate 1Gib link with
>  only one client (and one TCP connction), or I have something
>  misconfigured?
 Ok, pressing "H" in "top" shows, that all this CPU goes to "{em0
 tasq}" thread.

  And, yes, I have all rxd/trd and other tunables set to recommended
high values.

// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <lev at serebryakov.spb.ru>

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