Iñigo Ortiz de Urbina inigoortizdeurbina at
Sun Aug 15 14:02:02 UTC 2010

Can you post your pf.conf?
Did you check which packets are blocked and when?
You can use pfctl, pftop, pflog for this :)

Spawn some xterms and monitor the network while your clients attach to
your vpn, maybe you can spot the problem

On 8/13/10, Henry Graterol <hgratp at> wrote:
>   Hello,
> Before I start let me state that I am not an expert on freebsd, I do
> enjoy it and consider it a hobby, and love it!
> I have a problem. I use a freebsd server behind a router/gateway to
> connect clients with openvpn. I started to notice weird traffic so I
> decided to try PF to control traffic. My openvpn setup uses a tap
> adapter and a bridge adapter bridging the vpnclient_ips and the server_ip.
> Without PF everything works fine, so no problem there. When I activate
> PF I can establish connection to the server_ip from outside thru the vpn
> but I can not ping, connect to clients or the internet. After trial and
> error the setup that worked for me was to skip filter on bridge0 and
> tap0. With this in my configuration vpn worked as before.
> Now the problem, when I reboot the system my vpn allows connections but
> repeats the past scenario (no ping, connection to clients, internet,
> etc)  The fix I have found is to let the system reboot and then issue a
> pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf to reload the rules. Then everything works again.
> My guest is that PF is loading before the bridge and tap adapters come
> up so that is somehow skipped from loading. My tap connection is set up
> to come up from a script when it gets a connection from openvpn.
> Is this a correct guest? What else could be the problem?
> Thank you in advance for your feedback!
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