Host only TCP/IP implementation based on FreeBSD

Ivo Vachkov ivo.vachkov at
Tue Apr 13 07:41:12 UTC 2010


You can look at Their TCP/IP stack is derived
from FreeBSD and is probably better suited for 'extraction' than
current FreeBSD TCP/IP implementation. Also, the QNX public SVN
repository should contain QNX's fork of the NetBSD network stack as
separate resource manager.

On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 12:54 AM, Vineet Dixit <vineetd at> wrote:
> Hi -
> My apologies in advance in case my question in not appropriate for this list.
> I am evaluating TCP/IP stack implementation  for a device which
> requires only the end-device network features. I am keen on FreeBSD's
> TCP/IP implementation due to it's long history of development, use on
> wide range of devices and code maturity. However my requirements are
> limited to only transport protocols, IPv4 and IPv6, ARP, DHCP client
> and so on. I don't need advanced routing and forwarding, multicast,
> IPSec, QoS which are part of the distribution. FreeBSD's SMP support
> and fine-grained locking are certainly a bonus but isn't part of MUST
> have features.
> Is there an implementation that is a trimmed down TCP/IP stack based
> on BSD which I could port to another RTOS? Looking for either
> commercial or open source implementation.
> Thanks.
> -- Vineet
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