bce(4) BCM5907 CTX write errors on 7.2 driver

David Christensen davidch at broadcom.com
Thu Oct 29 20:40:49 UTC 2009

> > Can you try a different test?  Power-on the system with the network 
> > cable attached to an idle switch (i.e. keep all network 
> traffic from 
> > being forwarded to the NIC during driver initialization).  Does the 
> > system power up successfully?  Repeatedly?  The problem I saw was 
> > caused by network traffic being handled by the NIC during driver 
> > initialization.  If you still see the same behavior then 
> this might be 
> > a different issue.
> > 
> Looks like we are heading in the right direction here.

The next test is to diable the LOM's management firmware but boot to
an active network.  Get the User Diag utility at the bottom of
Run the uxdiag utility with the command line:
"C:\>uxdiag -c 0 -mfw 0 -c 1 -mfw 0 -c 2 -mfw 0 -c 3 mfw 0"
The "-c X" specifies with LOM to use while the "-mfw 0" disables
the firmware.  Use the appropriate number of "-c X" values for
the number of ports on your system (the r710 has 4 ports).
To re-enable the firmware do the following:
"C:\>uxdiag -c 0 -mfw 1 -c 1 -mfw 1 -c 2 -mfw 1 -c 3 mfw 1"

Finally, the routine bce_print_adapter_info() in HEAD prints out both
the bootcode and management firmware versions.  If you can get those
same changes into your release I'd like to see the versions reported
on your system.


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